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Unind & Relax 

Unind & Relax 




~Release daily stress and refresh your mind and body~ From a slow and thorough relaxation massage that soothes you, to a customized massage that firmly stimulates pressure points and applies pressure to relieve stiffness and pain, depending on your physical condition that day and your preferences, we will massage your particularly tired areas and tension. Treatment can be fully customized.



・リラクゼーションマッサージ   ・ロミロミ

・ディープティッシュマッサージ  ・タイストレッチ

・ホットストーンマッサージ    ・指圧               

・メディカルマッサージ      ・マタニティーマッサージ(医師からの診断書必要)

・スポーツマッサージ       ・シリコンカッピングマッサージ

・リンパマッサージ        ・カッピング(プラスチック)

・ハーブボールマッサージ     ・バンブーマッサージ

・フットマッサージ        ・ヘッドマッサージ 



・Relaxation massage ・Lomi lomi ・Deep tissue massage ・Thai stretch ・Hot stone massage ・Shiatsu ・Medical massage ・Maternity massage (medical certificate from doctor required) ・Sports massage ・Silicone cupping massage ・Lymph massage ・Cupping (plastic) ・Herbal ball massage ・Bamboo massage ・Foot massage ・Head massage ・Abhyanga ・Shirodhara (Ayurvedic healing)








              **Aroma oil**

All 100% pure essential oils (more than 10 types of aroma oils are used) It nourishes and moisturizes your skin while enjoying its soothing scent. We also offer Ishigaki Island's original aroma oil. (The treatment can be performed even over clothes) ︎If you have any allergies, please let us know in advance.



80分ー¥15,000      宿泊客時別料金 ¥13,000   2回目以上〜予約¥10,000

2時間ー¥22,000     宿泊客特別料金 ¥19,000  2回目以上〜予約¥15,000

 *但しハーブボール+¥3,000 ,アビヤンガマッサージ+¥5,000追加料金を頂きます。






80 minutes - ¥15,000 Hourly rate for guests: ¥13,000 2nd or more reservations ¥10,000

2 hours - ¥22,000 Special rate for guests ¥19,000 2nd or more reservations ¥15,000

*However, an additional fee of ¥3,000 for herbal ball and ¥5,000 for Abhyanga massage will be charged.

*For the time being, we will only accept cash payments.









あなたの楽しく癒される旅のお手伝いが出来れば嬉しく思います  清美

                       ~Therapist introduction~
I have obtained a massage license in the United States and provide authentic massage based on over 15 years of experience, skills, and expertise in the United States and Japan. I was also an Massage therapist instructor. - Kiyomi ​

予約・Inquire for an appointment


If you would like to make a reservation, please contact us here. Please specify the preferred time and date you would like to request.

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