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       ***6月~12月まで特別価格 15%off にさせて頂きます***



ホテルとキャンプのハイブリッド、トレーラーハウスと、 アメリカ生まれの宇宙船のようなキャンピングカー、エアーストリームをご用意! 




沖縄*石垣島北部、360°C森に囲まれた自然豊かな場所。目の前には絶景のシークレットビーチ。エメラルドグリーンのビーチとサン セットのコラボはとても美しく息を飲むほどです。

 見上げれば満点の星空が広がり、星がまるで花のようにあなたに降り注いで夢心地 にさせてくれます。街ではなかなか見ることができない満天の星空を楽しみください! 



 中庭も広いので、バレーボールやバトミントンなどゲームをして楽しんだり、バスケットシュート、ゴルフのシュート練習だって出来 ちゃいます。


 あなたにとって、癒される場所!又仲間とワイワイ楽しく出来る場所! 記憶に残る大切な思い出の一頁となることでしょう~! 



           ~Open Commemorative Special~

 <Continue to popular demand, we will offer it for a limited time and at a special price!! >

     ***We will give you a special price 15% off from June to December*** 


Limited to 1 group!

Hotel and camp hybrid, trailer house and air streamer. Spend a relaxing time while spreading your arms wide and feeling the island breeze under the sky full of stars on Ishigaki Island. Please take advantage of this great opportunity for the opening commemorative special. Okinawa * Northern Ishigaki Island, a place rich in nature surrounded by 360°C forest. A secret beach with a superb view in front of you. The collaboration between the emerald green beach and sunset is very beautiful and breathtaking. If you look up, the stars will fall on you like a flower and make you feel like you're dreaming. 


We have bedding for 11 people, perfect for anyone from couples to large families and friends. If you have more than 6 people, you can also stay at Air Stream ♪


The courtyard is also large, so you can enjoy playing games such as volleyball and badminton, basketball (hoop included), and golf shooting practice. BBQ gas grills, fire pits, hammocks, etc. It will be a new page of memorable and important memories ~




Because it's a special stay, we offer a wide range of amenities for your comfort.

予約・Book Now


Ideal for couples, families, and friends traveling together. The perfect place to create memories, celebrate, relax and unwind!




Located in the northern part of Ishigaki Island, surrounded by mountains and the sea. ​So that you can spend quality time nestled in nature.

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